About Us

We go way back with Charlotte and outdoor lighting. All the way back to 1995 when quality commercial grade outdoor lighting was just thought of around town. And Mr. Tom Fenig was the pioneer who made it his life’s best work. 


Some things never change though... and that’s the look on your face when you see your home in this beautiful new light.


In one day we will transform your home while your property remains spotless with nothing disturbed. Flowerbeds are flawless, walkways are pristine, lawn areas are perfect. It appears as though we weren’t even there… But wait until tonight! You will see your landscaping and architectural details are now softly bathed in light while outdoor living spaces are transformed into a safe and relaxing nighttime retreat designed for you to spend with friends and family.


We require no deposit as we are absolutely sure that you will fall in love with all you find after dark. We pride ourselves on our fantastic reputation and nothing but glowing reviews all over the web. You can trust us to treat your home is if it were our own. And by the time we are finished working together, we will be pleased to consider you a friend. 


Quality over quantity, folks. That is all.

Cheryl-Anne Jones


Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cheryl-Anne considers herself a true ‘Maritimer’.  But after choosing Charlotte (and then Waxhaw) to call home for the last 17 years, she considers herself to be pretty southern now.   


After a few years of leading the growth of Imagine Outdoor Lighting, Cheryl-Anne formally ‘took the helm’ from Tom Fenig in January of 2018.  

With all of the southern beauty and gorgeous seasons the south has to offer, it is easy to fall in love with the creativity of outdoor lighting in this area.  And the opportunity to work with clients as well as mingle with fellow woman business owners, designers, builders & architects is a great bonus.


An artist at heart, Cheryl-Anne is the creative behind Imagine, developing the brand, marketing & design while staying grounded enough to keep things ‘quality over quantity’.  


Imagine Outdoor Lighting is proud to remain a smaller family focused business.  We are proud of our responsiveness, attention to clients, design details and our casual ‘handshake feel’ of things.  

A true ‘Maritimer mentality’, indeed!  

Tom Fenig Imagine Outdoor Lighting.jpeg

Tom Fenig


In 1995, Tom started what quickly became Charlotte’s leading and most respected outdoor lighting company, 'Outdoor Lighting Perspectives'. 

By 2008, OLP added up to 79 successful franchise locations and it was time to rest.  Tom decided to sell the company and try retirement.  He failed!  Not long after and with the creative design partnership of Cheryl-Anne, Imagine Outdoor Lighting was born.  Much smaller and family focused…a perfect ‘retirement’.  


Tom continues to design & install some of the most amazing projects while training and mentoring new staff.


Tom’s historical business philosophy is the same today as it was at the beginning:

  • Deliver what you promise, on time with no surprises.

  • Carefully listen to client expectations.

  • Provide unmatched expertise with a focus on quality and long-term value, not lowest price.

  • Cultivate quality relationships with clients and their families so things just ‘keep keeping on’! 

Because of Tom's prominence in the Charlotte area market, there is a very good chance Tom either installed or serviced your existing lighting system. Now he enjoys being part of the next wave of LED alternatives and being a part of the new technology and longevity in outdoor lighting.