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What We Offer



Entire outdoor lighting systems need not be replaced. Consider merely upgrading to our integrated virgin cast brass LED fixtures -with no bulbs to change and a lifetime warranty.  We may be able to save additional costs by utilizing your existing transformer(s) and adding a ’smart’ timer to pin down specific times you would like to see your lighting.  
These ’smart’ timers know where you live and when the sun sets and rises and even re-sets itself after a power failure. 



Non-integrated fixtures are also available to consumers with LED bulb retrofit options.
While a tad less costly, we have found there is a large level of frustration with the LED bulbs not standing the test of time and requiring frequent service to change; therefore we encourage our clients to steer away from non-integrated and choose quality integrated fixtures with a lifetime guarantee. 
We continue to service non-integrated systems.

Lighting Applications


Now offering app technology color changing lighting. 

Step Lighting Outdoor Lights


It can be hazardous at night to step around your property in without having a clear view of where steps and stairwells begin and end. We offer a few different fixture options for this application. Strip LED lighting under handrails, stair tread or counter surfaces is one way to go.  We also offer a more subtle look with various in-step mount lighting options as well as fixtures that cast across decking and are mounted within. 

Step Lighting Outdoor Lights


In the south we are fortunate to have beautiful exterior architectural features on our homes. These absolutely need to be showcased for both aesthetics and security around your property.  Stonework, columns, freestanding structures and garden fountains & art pieces all deserve to be lit in a beautiful & tasteful way. We offer second story lighting, where appropriate, so as to highlight interesting rooflines and create overall balance and visual height to the façade of your home.

Uplighting Outdoor Architectural Lightin


“Edison lights” or “Bistro lights” are a whimsical way to create ambience during your outdoor entertaining. outdoor patios and restaurants need not claim these. We are able to properly install commercial grade LED Edison lighting from one structure to the other in the design-appropriate form. While beautiful, these lights must be installed with care as they can be incredibly heavy and compromise the structures from which they hang. Enjoy dining room mingling underneath these gorgeous lights knowing that they have been installed with the upmost of care and a toast to a party well done!

String Lights Outdoor Lighting


Nothing shows off landscape lighting better than the most prized trees around your home. But design is key. It’s not as simple as simply placing in-ground “up lights“ under select or each and every tree. We utilize unique design techniques so as to add ‘pop’ from a distance which creates depth of your yard and a spotlight on the seasonal changes of your prettiest trees. 

Outdoor Lighting Driveway Tree Lighting.


The possibilities are endless here! With outdoor living and entertaining so commonplace these days, it has really been a joy to be extra creative with lighting fixtures and location options to provide not only outdoor lighting but an ‘outdoor environment’. Various outdoor rooms so to speak. 


Options might be edison style lighting, wall lighting, downlighting or uplighting fireplaces & pergolas, purposeful lighting around grilling areas (let’s actually see what you are cooking!) as well as Lighting around children’s play structures and play areas. No one likes to step on a snake in the dark!


This is where we shine! Lighting the front of your home certainly welcomes you to your door but creating beautiful outdoor living areas really extends that welcome...to sit a spell and enjoy each other’s company (and actually see each other) in a beautiful backyard environment.

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